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Welcome to LateNightGraphics

My website is still (always) under construction, but please feel free to browse...

All my life I have loved design, color and printing. LateNightGraphics is just a natural outgrowth of that.

Custom work, in your budget. 'Cuz I love it.

You’ll love it too. Please, look around, and use the "contact" button to drop me a line...

Why Choose LateNight?collage

People today have many options for their design needs. Lots of people want to save money and do it themselves. That's fine, but having a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter. Design works the same way.

Here are a few reasons people give for having a designer:

While all of these may be true, none of them are really good, positive reasons. My dad, who built custom furniture for many years, would often tell prospective clients "If you can find something pre-made somewhere else for less, then just get that. But if I build it, then you get all my time and effort focused on only you and what you want."

Clients hire me because...

Yes, I can save you some money as well. I have been blessed by God with a full time design job that pays the bils. Because of this, trying to suck every dollar out of freelance work is not my goal. I feel that it is my privalige to help people, and give them a great design job that they normally could not affoard.

It would be my pleasure to focus my time and effort on your next project.