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My favorite type of website is what I call a "brochure" site. They are great to do and quite affordble for the small business that needs to look good but come in on a budget.

What is the "Brochure Site?"

Typically around five pages, they have a "Home", a "Contact" page, maybe "Photos" and a page or two of specific details and services about their business. These sites are very affordable, and do a great job for any small business.

Is it for me?

A website today is like the business card of yesterday. Most people want to view your website and see if you're "legit." Almost ANY small business can benefit from this type of site. It costs less than a printed brochure, and it wont go out of date and end up sitting in a box in the back room.

Don't be intimidated by the design process. I'm not a big, faceless corporation. I am actually a nice guy, easy to talk to and i won't pressure you to buy things you don't need. I'll do a great job at a price you can affoard.

When it comes to web work, I often share the work with my long time partner and friends at McMac Publications. The links below should give you a good idea of the type of work we do.

Below is a small sample, and a wide variety of web sites to browse.