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Logo Design

Everybody needs a logo. Every client thinks they know what their logo should be. In fact they know exactly what it should be. Except for the color. And the font. And the graphic they sketched on a napkin needs to be redone.

That's where I come in. Try to make sense of the idea, and clean it up so that the essence of the image comes through.

Many clients are very resistant to releasing control of their logo, and there have been a few who fought the process, but given some time, my ultimate powers of persuasion, strong design sense and awesome ninja skills, they too ended up with a logo that they love.

logo samples

My Logo Philosophy

So many people who say they do logos design in Photoshop. Nope. i do mine the old fashion way. I start with a good set of sketches, and when the design looks strong I render it in black and white, as vector art. (That means that it always looks sharp at any size.) This way you know your image will look like it should – even in a phone book or newspaper ad. Adding colors, shadows, and fancy effects just enhance the design, not make it.

bw logo

BW Line Art

color logo
Color Print Version Line Art

psd logo

Enhanced, Rendered Art