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Hi. My name is Steve, and I want to be your graphics guy.

I have managed to involve myself in many freelance projects throughout the last few years. From initial design to final printing, Late Night Graphics has taken on a small life of its own.

My childhood interest in design and color brought me into the graphic arts trade, working in print shops since high school. I currently work as a designer for a large, private insurane Trust as their Communications Designer. Before that, I was lead pre-press operator in a commercial print shop in the L.A. area. In fact I started in printing back when there were no computers, pasting up copy with hot wax and X-acto knives.

I live in Northern California, north of Sacramento with my wife (who I've known since we were 14) and have five incredibly smart children. All of them are smarter than me, so by building websites it makes them think I too am smart, and not just sitting on the couch watching YouTube.

Browse the site to see samples of my work, and please, drop me an e-mail. I would really like to help you with your next project.

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